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OCF Video Guidebook
                 OCF Video Guidebook, English
                 OCF Video Guidebook, Spanish

FilterQuick Video Poster
                 FilterQuick QR-Code Video Poster Quick Reference
                 FilterQuick with FQ4000 QR-Code Video Poster

FilterQuick Video Guides
                 Fryer Stats
                 Responding to Top Off Oil Empty Prompt
                 OQS Filtration
                 Install Guide
                 Fryer's Friend Use
                 Respond to Filter Now Prompt
                 Dispose to SDU
                 Dispose to Bulk
                 Clean and Filter With OQS
                 Boil Out
                 Assemble Filter Pan
                 In-Line Filter Cleaning

OCF Videos
                 OCF Overview
                 Responding to Filter Now
                 Scan Button Use
                 JIB Replacement
                 Polishing the Oil
                 Split-Vat Operation
                 Canceling Filter
                 Preparing Filter Pan
                 Placing Menu Strip
                 Single-Temperature Programming
                 Computer Use
                 Computer Overview
                 OCF Installation
                 OCF Vat Setup

MJ-Series Fryer Videos
                 Lighting MJ-Series Fryer
                 Boil Out
                 Filling Fryer With Oil.mp4

Using a SDU
                 SDU Use

LOV Gen II Videos
                 One-button Cooking
                 Retrieving Filter Statistics
                 OQS--In-Line Filter Cleaning
                 Yes to Filter Now
                 OQS--Displaying TPM
                 No to Filter Now
                 Programming New Menu Items in M3000
                 Recovery From Programming Error
                 Refilling the JIB in an RTI System
                 Responding to Change Filter Pad Prompt
                 Two-Button Cooking
                 Oil Disposal in RTI System
                 Oil Disposal to MSDU
                 Daily Maintenance Filtering
                 Filter Pan Preparation for Filtering
                 Switching from Hash Browns to French Fries
                 Responding to Low JIB Light in a non-RTI System
                 Switching from French Fries to Hash Browns
                 Responding to Low JIB Light in an RTI System
                 Filling Frypots From an RTI System
                 OQS--Maintenance Filter

High Efficiency Fryer Videos
                 E4 Operations
                 BIRE E4 Operations
                 FPPH55 Overview
                 FPPH55 Filtration
                 FPPH55 Boil Out
                 FPPH55 Programming
                 E4 Technical Overview

Decathlon Filtration
                 Decathlon Filter Pan Maintenance
                 Decathlon Filtering
                 Decathlon Filtering for iPhone

Simplified Wiring Diagrams

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